Salvator Barki is a freelance photographer.

He always liked to take photos since childhood with
an slr his grandfather gave him as a present on his 13th birthday.
He had converted the small toilet in their house to a darkroom
despite all his mother's objections. His father was his his first teacher
in developping and printing his black and whites, which led him to
form a photography club at he English High School where he fininished
high school.

His real passion started when his elder daughter Nathalie sharted
photography at the University, and the continious encoragements of his
younger daughter Olivia.
Photography has since been a major passion, to the extent to close his
offices as textile agents and pursue a career in photography.

The years have since brought many prizes in competitions.
He has graduated from IFSAK, where he learned the aspects of
digital photography from world renowned masters like IZZET KERIBAR.

Among his many prizes-
-1st, 4th,5th and 6th prizes Bridges Competition, Buyukcekmece

-Mention from The Municipality Istanbul on Republic Day Festivities
2007, 2008

-Exhibition prizes in many competitions including
-The Unt'l Chamber of Shipping, Ministry of Culture & Tourism,
Photoplus and The Geological Engineer's Chamber of Commerce
aamong many others.